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Got Insight?™   Do you know how your franchisees are performing on critical business goals?

Get Insight with ZeeWise Zee360™ - we pioneered the idea of and have remained the leader in Franchise Business Intelligence.  ZeeWise enables franchise businesses to measure and track overall key performance indicators (KPI's) which can increase operational efficiency and profits.  We deliver insightful reports to the decision makers in your organization through easy to understand but detailed benchmarks of key financial, operational and sales performance measurements at both the individual franchisee and consolidated franchisor reporting level.

ZeeWise CARS Premier Edition (CARS PE) software is unlike any other franchise management software you may have seen before.  Our unique and patented remote data collection agent can automatically and reliably collect, consolidate and report on your Zee's operations using data sources such as Intuit QuickBooks™ financial data plus your unique Line of Business (LOB) application data in one combined reporting system. Zee360 delivers fast insight into the health of your entire system, a set of locations or even a specific franchise operation.

Zee360™ web-based dashboards and drill-down reports enable top management, field or franchise business consultants and individual franchisees to gain insight into their business by comparing performance against other locations, peer groups or regions or national averages and other Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Call us today to find out how we can help your franchise find maximum insight using the inherent value in your existing but uncollected sales, operational and financial data.

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Zee360: The power of a 360° view of your franchise

In today's economy, helping your franchise partners to be as efficient and profitable as possible is more important than ever.  With the operational visibility ZeeWise provides and financial performance comparisons of franchisees, your staff will be able to identify and work directly with those franchisees that need the most help. It is now easier than ever to to establish and drive best practices throughout your franchise concept. Contact ZeeWise today to find out more on how we can help you "Get Insight" to optimize the performance of your franchisees!

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