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Do you need to collect data from many remote locations?
Automated Remote Data Collection with Zpipe

Talk to ZeeWise about how your application can leverage the unique properties and benefits of the proven and patent-pending ZeeWise Zpipe Remote Data Collection (RDC) or data-pipe technology.  Our proven, intelligent, remote software agent is easy to install and can be configured to collect data automatically from any modern software database including any custom applications written on top of Sybase, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM or MySQL data storage systems.  Our solution scales nicely while being simple to design and manage what data elements (tables, columns, rows or individual cells) you need to collect including using multiple data sources at remote locations.  Zpipe is extremely flexible and can meet your needs either as an invisible background service on a scheduled basis, or it can be integrated into your existing user interface as a menu item, or triggered by another process.

ZeeWise Announces Zpipe OEM Edition

Remote Data Collection Zpipe OEM information

For more information on how your software solution can benefit from Zpipe to solve your RDC needs, contact Clark Gilder, ZeeWise CTO, to discuss how we can help you automate the collection and consolidation of remote data for your application.
Q: How do you collect data from any software application?

A: By Embedding ZeeWise Zpipe into your application today!
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