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Zee360 - Franchise Business Intelligence (BI) - Data Collection™   &   Consolidation

Zee360 is designed to meet the specifics needs of your franchise through several different data collection methods. Depending on your environment, one or more of our collection solutions may be applied.

Eliminate faxed or emailed spreadsheets!  Reduce the amount of time you spending chasing franchisees in order to get basic reports!

Zee360 Collection Methods:

Web Form Entry

Our web-based application includes a form builder that will allow you to capture almost any information from your franchisees. These forms can be configured to be available on a daily, weekly, monthly, or periodic (4 week) basis. We have designed extra features to make this process as painless as possible for your franchisees and your accounting personnel.

Spreadsheet Upload

Zee360 can also be configured to accept an uploaded spreadsheet; this allows franchisees to visit one central location, upload a spreadsheet, and go back to running their business. Immediate processing insures that the franchisee knows the data was delivered. All spreadsheets uploaded in this manner are immediately consolidated and available for reporting - get rid of those annoying and costly reporting delays!

Automated Data Collection

Zee360 can be configured to collect automatically from most modern software applications.  Contact ZeeWise today to see if we can automatically pull data from your POS, CRM, Financial, or other line-of-business application!

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