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ZeeWise Collection and Reporting System

ZeeWise Collection And Reporting System (CARS) Premier Edition is a unique and powerful solution designed to bring you complete financial plus operational data from your franchisees utilizing visual reports (Cash Flow, P&L, Ops & Your Own Scorecards) that provide quick and easy analysis of complex data from one central location.

ZeeWise can provide this insight to you via a one-time installation of our small software application which runs in the background at each franchise location. This installation generally takes about 15 minutes and only has to be done once (updates are automatic and do not require franchisee intervention). Once our software agent is installed, franchisee locations can automatically send financial data to the franchisor with the simple click of a menu item.

CARS PE supports automated data collection from a variety of sources including Intuit QuickBooks™ and any Line of Business (LOB) software application including your own custom built database applications. All QuickBooks and operational data is consolidated on a frequent, recurring schedule (typically nightly or if needed it can be sent on command) and is available for reporting by both the franchisor and franchisees.

Dashboards and Reports:

Summary Dashboard - Shows current high-level financial and operational KPI metrics about the franchise. Examples include Revenue, Net Income, Gross Profit, Beginning Cash, Ending Cash, Cash on hand, Current AP / AR, Unit Sales, Labor Hours, as well as unique ratios of operational metrics per dollar including national averages and other peer group averages of these metrics for comparative purposes. Graphs include YTD Revenue, Gross Profit % of Revenue, and Net Income % of Revenue and many other KPIs

Visual Cash Flow™ Dashboard - Shows full, detailed Cash Flow data with a colored graph comparing % variance of performance to the National Average.

Income Statement (P&L) Dashboard - Shows Sales, COGS, Gross Profit, Top 5 Expense breakdown, and Net Income versus Region and National Average. Graph displays each top line metric % variance to the National Average in color for easy analysis.
Periods include Year-to-Date, Last Full Year, Last Month, and any inputted date range.

Balance Sheet Dashboard - Shows top level Asset, Liability and Equity information along with colored comparison graphic.

All QuickBooks Collection and Reporting solutions also include the following, with additional reports available by request:

Income Statement - Comparison by Dollar (w/ graph)
Income Statement - Detailed (w/ graph)
Income Statement - Top 5 by National Average (w/ graph)
Expense Dashboard - Top 5 by National Average
Expense Dashboard - Top 5 by Franchise
Balance Sheet - Detailed
AR Summary Dashboard
AR Aging - Detailed
Cash Flow - by Franchise
Cash Flow - Detailed
Chart of Accounts - Evaluation by Franchise (spot franchisee mistakes!)
Chart of Accounts - Standardized (benchmark)

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Quick and easy analysis of full financial data with ZeeWise CARS PE - designed for use with QuickBooks
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