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Zee360 - Franchise Business Intelligence - Royalty Reporting

Zee360 Royalty Collection and Reporting is designed to get you all the Royalty, Operations and Financial data you need for your weekly or monthly reporting quickly and easily, saving you time and reducing Royalty slippage.

- Quit faxing / emailing / uploading files in order to get basic reports!

- Centralize all of your franchisee data in one place with easy, built-in reporting!

- Have instant access to Royalty reports, instead of updating spreadsheets for days in order to view the data!

- No more franchisee harassment in order to get that fax/email/file upload!

- Deliver value back to your franchisees with reports designed specifically for them!

- Import your historical data in order to compare performance against previous periods

- A solution so affordable it can pay for itself within 6 months


  • Configurable data collection for your environment means you are up and running in less than 2 weeks.
  • All data centrally stored for access by both the franchisor and franchisee
  • Flexible Reports and Dashboards give you actionable information, not just more data
  • Royalty Due, Marketing Fund, Minimum Royalties, and Royalty Tiers are all fully supported
  • Franchise Management module integrated for easy updates and information access
  • Ad Hoc report module for custom report creation
  • All reports and dashboards are fully exportable
  • Integrated Permissions for easy franchisee access setup

Franchisee Benefits:

  • Dramatically reduce time & effort of Royalty Reporting
  • Scorecards and Dashboards available for easy analysis by the franchisees
  • All reports easily exportable to Excel
  • All calculated totals are automatic - reduce the burden on the Zee
  • Connections to ACH providers make payment a snap
  • Rankings by Nation, Region, and other Peer Groups

Example Royalty Report:

Example Scorecard:

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