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Zee360 Key Features
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Analyze every aspect of your franchise concept.
Manage your Franchise concept and communicate more effectively with executive dashboards and visual reports.
Zee360 - Franchise Business Intelligence FBI) - Specifics
Zee360 delivers system wide Franchise Business Intelligence (BI) with visual dashboards and drill-down reports that enable your executive management, regional reps or business consultants as well as individual franchisees to gain insight into their business by analyzing business data as never before. Get individual franchisee revenue data and full financials and then compare performance against your other franchise locations, entire regions, peer groups, or national averages for any key business dimension or measurement.

Nearly every business has computers that record each transaction or customer interaction at your franchise locations. Our Zee360 system collects that information from each franchisee and displays it to you in a timely, meaningful and insightful fashion. Don't get caught up in trying to consolidate, normalize and then decipher a different P&L statement or Excel spreadsheet from every Zee - go to Zee360 to see them in the same format, all in one place!
Zee360 Reports and Dashboard Start Page
The ZeeWise CARS PE start page - the first stop for every franchise executive.
Zee360 Summary Dashboard
The ZeeWise CARS PE start page - the jumping off point for every report and dashboard. The Dashboard will allow you to get an overview of an individual franchise performance and subsequently compare that performance to the franchise network. The Dashboard also displays key metrics for your business. You can see snapshots of the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash flow statment ... with the click of a button!
Zee360 Income Statement and More!
Includes high-level Profit and Loss information using a standardized Chart of Accounts. We are also continually adding other key financial reports, just say summary Expense Dashboards, AR Aging trends, and peer group analytics. Uncover previously unknown opportunities for cost reduction and streamline AR collection.
Zee360 Visual Cash Flow™ Report
No more difficult to understand financial statements! The Zee360 Visual Cash Flow™ report has been designed specifically for Franchise Business Consultants (FBC's) and franchise owners in order to deliver actionable, understandable information available at their fingertips.
Zee360 Consolidated System Wide Balance Sheet Report
Review the most important balance sheet information and examine warnings about possible financial issues.
Custom Report Creator
Can't find what you're looking for? Create your own reports quickly and easily with our easy to use 'Ad Hoc' report writer to quickly design your own system reports.
ZeeWise Intuit QuickBooks™ and LOB Data Collection
Zee360 includes an unique and highly reliable automated Intuit QuickBooks™   data collection component designed to make consolidating franchisee financial data easy and reliable.  Now you can collect and standardize data from across your entire concept to enable comparative location reporting by years in business, demographic market differences, region, and other peer groups.  Compare an individual franchisee's performance to the national system average to get a quick and easy view of the health of any one business location. Or identify best practices at top performing locations and have your Franchise Business Consultants spread these techniques or key learnings to your entire system. Only Zee360 can give you the insight into your franchise system.
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Uniquely Built for Franchising
ZeeWise has built Zee360 from the ground up with a unified approach for the franchise community.  Take a look at our unique Franchise Management Solutions to see why ZeeWise gives you insight.
Our SaaS based Web Technologies use a best of breed approach
Zee360 was built using the newest Web technologies including the best of java and open source tools as well as the Microsoft '.NET' to provide a true cloud enabled platform architecture.  We leverage the latest Microsoft products including ASP.NET 3.0+ and SQL Server as well as the latest enterprise java technologies. Microsoft's continued investment in R&D ensures that Zee360 stays at the leading edge of technology innovation including the latest security, reliability and ease of use in datamining and reporting capabilities.

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