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Founded in 2004, we are the pioneer and leader in Franchise Business Intelligence (FBI) software. Our name 'ZeeWise' demonstrates our focus: our software solution combines two key ideas, the first being 'Zee', an abbreviation of the common industry term 'Franchisee' representing the individual franchise remote location, with the second being 'Wise' representing the inherent wisdom found in obtaining fresh insight from consolidated data. Our Zee360 solution allows you to easily identify trends and outcomes from your franchisee sales, operational and financial results. Thus the focus of ZeeWise's Collection And Reporting System (CARS) software platform is to enable everyone to use data collection, consolidation and reporting across hundreds or thousands of remote locations to gain insight into your system at every level.

Today - ZeeWise is the leader in Franchise Business Intelligence providing Franchisors and Franchisees of all sizes insight into the operations and sales performance at thousands of remote franchise locations. Our patent-pending Zpipe remote data collection engine provides safe, secure and reliable automated data collection as input into our unique KPI and scorecard based dashboards and reports which give you insight into the health of your franchise. Our leadership was extended by our latest offering - the "Item 19 Enabler"™ offers automated, accurate and reliable data to build FDD Item 19 claims with real world results.

Get Insight with ZeeWise CARS Premier Edition, the unique provider of Franchise Business Intelligence (BI) software to the Franchising community (PE). ZeeWise leverages its extensive knowledge of technology and franchising to combine business intelligence with the best in adaptive, reliable, automatic remote data collection. The core strength of ZeeWise is displayed in our flagship SaaS product - CARS Premier Edition - now part of the Zee360™ platform, which can automatically and securely collect data from remote data sources such as Intuit QuickBooks™ and other Line of Business (LOB) software products to generate consolidated sales, operational and financial reports on all aspects of your franchise concept, all the way down to the store level.

Do you just need a simple forms based data collection and reporting or a royalty reporting solution? In addition to CARS automated data collection and reporting, ZeeWise also provides a powerful yet flexible Web forms and Excel data file solution to automate Franchisee royalty reporting.

What's next? ZeeWise will continue to innovate and lead the franchise industry -- while making sure that the focus remains on our customers and their needs.

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Employee of the Month

Employee of the Quarter Jerry Bell - Our CEO

Congrats go to Jerry this quarter - his hard work and energy has driven sales over the last year. With our latest Item 19 Enabler tool we expect to continue our industry leading position for franchisors who need a sophisticated but flexible remote data collection (RDC) Business Intelligence solution!

ZeeWise is proud of all our employees, we strive to be the best in high quality product development solution with the best customer account management in franchising.

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ZeeWise is proud to be a member of the International Franchise Association (IFA), and an active member of the IFA Supplier Forum providing leading franchise software solutions.
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