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Why Franchise Business Intelligence (FBI) ?

The business relationship between franchisors and franchisees as commonly practiced in the franchising industry and provides unique challenges to traditional business management methods and techniques.  As a franchisor, you want to help your franchisees reduce waste and increase revenue because that is the most direct way to drive your system profits through increased royalties.  However, gaining access to franchisee data and system-wide information can be difficult, thus efforts to identify and replicate best practices across all franchisee's is difficult at best if not impossible and thus frequently overlooked.  Executives with financial or operational responsibility are often left without tools or processes to drive their franchise performance given that measuring excellence through actual results is often impossible to accomplish without the underlying system-wide data.  Thus, strategies to drive change are often relegated to an informal or word of mouth process of what worked for someone else, somewhere else. Now, with Zee360 you can gain access to professional, summarized, system wide financial reports fast and easily without spending a fortune for Fortune 500 level BI tools. Analyzing what matters to your system is as simple as using our web-based reporting and dashboarding environment designed specifically for franchising and customized for your business needs.

We understand that as a franchisor or multi-unit franchise owner you can't hire and pay for a full time staff of computer data analysts who spend all of their time consolidating your system data by hand and manually generating reports.  The Zee360 Franchise Business Intelligence (FBI) system was designed to allow controlled access to professional management reports which provide you with true business insight using consolidated and summarized system wide data on a daily basis easy, inexpensive using our SaaS based web solution. We have almost 10 years of collecting, consolidating and managing franchisee data in order to provide franchisors with the tools they need to run their business.  Only ZeeWise has the experience and results to show that we can both collect and report on data from any system while providing true insight into franchise operations. Contact us for a demo to see for yourself how impactful and insightful these dashboards, KPIs and reports can be for your business.

Why Zee360?

Zee360 was built from the ground up with the Franchise Community in mind. We have specific tools built to help both Franchisors and Franchisees succeed in all aspects of their business, without the inherent complexity or clumsiness of one-size-fits-all solutions or the complexity and expense created by Fortune 500 type Enterprise Software solutions.

Our unique capabilities extend BI to QuickBooks financial data! Note that while over 80% of franchise concepts employ QuickBooks as the de-facto franchisee financial package most franchisors never see the real profitability of their zees. Curiously, while most franchisors have the right to see yearly copies of franchisee P&L, Balance Sheet and other financial statements, most never receive them and if they do they are out of date paper copies. If you think you could gain insight into your system if you could see monthly consolidated Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow statements and other financial or operational reports contact ZeeWise now! Our Zee260 system includes an automated, world-class remote data collection engine for QuickBooks that can have your individual franchisees up and reporting key financial data in a matter of weeks.

Why partner with ZeeWise?

ZeeWise also provides full training for your staff on-site as part of every deal. There is no substitute for your knowledge of your business, but ZeeWise is here to back you up and to answer the easy how-to questions whenever a franchisee needs a little extra assistance.

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