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    One of the most challenging obstacles that you will face as a Franchisor is the substantial time investment required to collect and consolidate your franchisees' financial and operational data. This endeavor is not only time intensive, it can prove to be expensive and ultimately inexact.


    Our ZeePipe™ patented technology allows you to efficiently and accurately mine the data from the platforms that house your Zees' data. Our most popular solution integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks® Desktop and QuickBooks® Online, but our technology is compatible with Line-of-Business (LOB), Point-of-Sale (POS), CRM and essentially any software system that you and your franchisees use to manage and drive your business.


    Once your franchisees' data is retrieved, we then consolidate your system's data within our cloud-based Zee360™ reporting platform so that you and your franchisees can access the data that you need, when you need it.


    The Zee360™ platform allows you to easily identify trends and outcomes from your franchisees' sales, operational and financial results. We enable everyone in your franchise family (franchisors & franchisees alike) to gain insight into your system at every level. In addition, once your data is stored and normalized in one place, a variety of work flows become available to your organization - from Automated Royalties to one-click Item 19s.


    We hope you will partner with us. Founded in 2002, our many years of experience and our focus on franchising provides an unparalleled level of understanding, consulting and support!


    Click here to learn more about the Zeewise approach to data consolidation and benchmarking.

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