• Features

  • Automated Data Aggregation

    ZeePipe™ can be configured to collect automatically from most modern & legacy software applications. Contact ZeeWise today to see if we can automatically pull data from your POS, CRM, Financial, or other line-of-business application!


    If automation doesn't make sense for your system, ask us about our Web Forms. Our application includes a form builder that will allow you to capture almost any information from your franchisees. These forms can be configured to be available on a daily, weekly, monthly, or periodic (4 week) basis. We have designed extra features to make this process as painless as possible for your franchisees and your accounting personnel.

    ZeeWise software products are protected by multiple issued and/or pending U.S. and foreign patents, including U.S. Patent Nos. 8,214,329, 8,560,568, 9,411,864, 9,740,757, and Chinese Patent No. ZL201080048475.8.

    Data Reporting & Benchmarking

    Visualize the entire 360° data story and answer your business's most pressing questions.


    Zee360™ web-based dashboards and drill-down reports enable top management, field or franchise business consultants and individual franchisees to gain insight into their business by comparing financial and operational performance against other locations, peer groups or regions or national averages and other Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Features include:

    • Vertical Analysis
    • Break-Even and Forecasting
    • Peer Group Comparisons & Benchmarking
    • Budgeting & Goal Tracking
    • Export to PDF & Excel
    • Scheduled report emails to your organization or specific users


  • Automated Royalties

    In addition to BI reporting, we have provided Royalty Solutions for the majority of our customers

    Zee360 Royalty Collection and Reporting is designed to simplify the royalty data submission and calculation process for you and your franchisees. Reduce slippage with our exceedingly accurate & hands off approach. Our system can be configured to handle:

    • Variable royalty rates
    • Incentive thresholds
    • Fees (Technical, Marketing etc...)
    • Customized Royalty Periods (Weekly, Monthly, 4-4-5)
    • Tax Withholding
    • Currency Conversion
    • Historical adjustment auditing
    • Stream-lined communications and visibility for franchisees

    Item 19 Enabler

    Financial Performance Representations (FPRs)

    What’s the purpose of an Item 19?  Providing more data about franchise performance allows your sales team to help franchisees more accurately understand the opportunity. Using ZeeWise's fully automated Item 19 Enabler, you can cut down on the time needed to create one of these onerous statements as well as mitigate your legal risk in the process.


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  • Request for Pricing

    In general, our financial solution costs $20 / unit / month after a $4000 set-up fee. However, this can fluctuate based on system size, additional data collection needs and platform requirements so reach out to us for your custom quote.

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