About Zeewise

We exist to empower our customers and support them on their business journey.

Based in Atlanta, GA. We have been helping franchise brands and small business owners succeed since 2004.

The things that we value above
everything else are the things that
set us apart.

We’re a small team with big dreams — and so are our customers, so we understand the challenges they face and the ambition that drives them.

We are open to new ideas, to new people, to
finding new solutions, to communication and

We build relationships—with customers,
consumers and colleagues and we encourage
one another to succeed.

Our Purpose

To make system integration simple and efficient, empowering business owners to succeed.

Our Vision

To revolutionize the way people think about small business financials.

Our Mission

To provide easy-to-use, trustworthy data, that unlocks the potential of small business systems.

Who We Are

Clark Gilder


Clark is an innovative technology entrepreneur and angel investor with extensive software industry experience who brings insight and creative thinking when applying technology to modern business problems. During the 12 years he spent at Microsoft in Redmond, WA he delivered impressive results in various management and operating roles including World-wide Technology Evangelist as well as a Lead Program Manager on the Microsoft Windows development team where he contributed to the design, development and shipping of Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. His notable accomplishments at Microsoft include being one of the rare 2-time winners of the Microsoft Windows Division MVP 'Gold Star" award and being one of the very first Microsoft Certified System Engineers in the world.

Bart Zalewski


From leading our development team throughout the evolution of Zeewise to guiding our future goals, Bart incorporates vast technical expertise into the company's technical execution.

Nancy Capinegro

Customer Support Manager

Nancy crafts experiences and resources to help customers and business owners succeed and make the most of their QuickBooks and Operational data in Dashboards, Reports and various KPIs.